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Why I am Contesting for Publicity Secretary of PDP -Deji Adeyanju  

Read his statement below…

My name is Prince Deji Adeyanju and I have been a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) for several years. I am a firm believer in its principles and ideals. I also believe that PDP is the only truly national party in Nigeria and is, therefore, best placed to deliver successful achievement of the collective ideals and aspirations of the Nigerian people.

While I recognise that the party is by no means perfect, I am aware that over the years it has deepened democracy in the country and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of Nigeria as a whole.

Following the defeat PDP suffered in the last general elections, and the zoning of the office of the National Publicity Secretary (NPS) to the North Central Region of the country, I have decided to contest for the office and a place on the National Working Committee of the party.

I believe I possess the skills, ability and the personality to make an outstanding contribution to the task of improving the image of the party. It is for this reason that I solicit the support of all members of the party as I work to actualise this ambition.

In return for your support, I pledge to give my best in the day to day activities of the office. I pledge to ensure that the image of the party, the protection and polishing of which is the objective of the Directorate of Publicity, will be significantly better at the end of my tenure than the way I met it. I pledge to execute my duties with exemplary discipline and dedication to duty.

In return for your support, I pledge to bring a new way of doing things to the Publicity Secretariat of the party. I pledge to lead a revolution that will not only strengthen the faith that members and supporters have in the party, but which will also convince millions of Nigerians that as a party PDP has their best interests at heart and is the most viable vehicle with which to deliver on our collective dreams & aspirations.

This way, together with the leadership of the party, I believe that we can make this party great again.

Thank you.

Deji Adeyanju


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