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President Muhammadu Buhari’s Wife Aisha – US court documents reveals Aisha Buhari’s Involvement In the Atiku-Jefferson scan.

US-Court The United States Justice Department, revealed that the All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari (posing as Buhari’s daughter), was used as conduit and engaged infraudulent wire transfers, from her Nigerian account in favour of Congressman Jefferson, via the ANJ Group LLC.

The US District Court Memo, states that Congressman William J. Jefferson, between August 2000 and August 2005, sought hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of himself and family members.

In return, the defendant used his congressional office to promote the business interests of bribe-paying companies, whose very success was dependent upon the approvals of certain United States and West African government agencies and officials.

Congressman Jefferson, further compounded his criminal culpability by conspiring with others to pay a bribe to the then-sitting Vice President of Nigeria.

The WhistleNG, in an exclusive report, stated that in hushed and sometimes cryptic taped recorded.


Source: Igberetv News