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A picture of a young man trying to lift his plus size fiancée goes viral


Ghanaian nurse Mizznaki and her handsome fiance, Kojo who have been dating for a year and a half recently shared their pre-wedding photographs on Facebook ahead of the wedding on June 25, 2016.

The picture of Kojo, an engineer, attempting to lift his fiancée brought a lot of negative comments from online trolls.

Mizznaki told her critics that she is proud of her size and feels confident. She also told Joy News that she has been struggling to loose weight.13412895_1068621206520751_3159606041851390054_n 13315739_1068621116520760_5060132600177684191_n 13427853_1068621266520745_3689890643768440192_n 13435590_1068621243187414_7805812495649952721_n 13419017_1068621349854070_6178965431002781498_n 13432242_1068621576520714_4102023391541312946_n 13412945_1068621299854075_4029408164102323304_n 13413598_1068621316520740_7034703286875422689_n 13435571_1068621546520717_358417537171225415_n

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