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Photos: Secondary School Student Crashed Mom’s Jeep After Hangout With Friends

bayo This terrible accident happened yesterday after secondary school boys allegedly bashed this jeep in a neighbor’s compound. An online user has given full insight on what led to the crash. Read below;

“I usually watch this kind of scene in Hollywood movies cos obviously Nollywood can’t do this. As it happened for the first time in my presence, I gat to share it Bruhh ������. So My 16 years old, SS3 Big boy neighbor was sent out from school, he brought 6 of his friends home to chill and watch Netflix. . They were bored so they took his mom’s car out to flex as a Boss, I saw them and hailed them as a good boy. On getting back, the spirit of “Fast n Furious” entered one of them, he collected the car keys and “parked” it in a neighbor’s Apartment. We’ve been celebrating them since morning tho as “The six Musketers.”



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