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Photos: Royal Wedding Of Phillipa Osakwe And Chief Okoye ‘s Son, Mark Okoye II in Lagos , Nigeria

m2 When the son of Chief Okoye 1, Prince (Hon) Mark Okoye set a date to wed Phillipa Osakwe, daughter of silent business heavyweight, Chief Osakwe  everyone knew that they were in for a grand ceremony. This Royal nuptial was not only classy, it was glamorous, stylish and stately. From the traditional wedding/engagement to the highbrow ikoyi Area of Lagos  where the Church blessing was held, every inch of the ceremonies were so regal that they will linger in many memories for years to come.

In all ramifications, this was a huge ceremony of industry, top politicians, super government officials and first-rate members of the traditional institution were all there.

Residents of Falomo, Ikoyi  certainly knew that something spectacular was  on account of the top-rated Nigerians that were in town for the beginning of what turned out to be an extra special ”The love story of Mark and Filipa” wedding reception  similar to those kinds woven in famous fables that seem too good to be true.

Mark Okoye II  is the Executive Director of the Anambra state Investment ,Promotion  and Protection Agency ,who is also the Special Adviser  to the Governor of Anambra State on Economic Planning & Budget  exchanges  marital vow in grand  style and State of Anambra wishes  Hon & Mrs Mark Okoye II ,the Ezedioramma of  Ifitedunu a happy married life .

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(Photo Credit : Uche Nwora /ANSIPPA/Nneka Eze)



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