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Photos: Parking valet causes fire damage to $200k Lamborghini Aventador

For one South Beach valet, he’ll be grateful to get away with losing his job after causing damage to a $200,000 car. Witnesses say the valet, clearly excited at being at the wheels of the supercar got carried away while revving its engines causing it to overheat rapidly and burst in flames.


The valet dashed about in futility trying to put out the flames. His efforts were getting him nowhere so he dialled 911.

Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered to watch the red hot show as the car continued to burn on Lincoln Junction, Miami. The crowd appeared to be mildly amused by the whole affair and many set about to capture the drama on their cellphones, with some people even chuckling at the extreme bad luck they were witnessing.

Eventually, another man came to the rescue carrying a fire extinguisher and began to put out the flames as he sprayed the vehicle with carbon dioxide. By the time fire service arrived, the fire had been put out.


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