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Photos: Nursing Mother” Gasya Akhmetova-Atherton” Show Off Some Fitness Stunt With Her Children

12472626_1189622937745191_1840905519531226918_n A talented mother from New York has wowed social media with photographs of her performing a series of impressive gymnastic feats with her young children. In a number of eye-opening stunts, Gasya Akhmetova-Atherton balances Kamali, three, and one-year-old Kaysen on various body parts. The acrobatic mother used to perform in the world famous circus, Cirque du Soleil. See More Photos Below:13043368_1189622964411855_8263694154283499784_n 13043220_1189623077745177_155713469044450003_n 12985600_1189623134411838_4988744642720145161_n 13006668_1189623187745166_4592315430180095920_n 13043616_1189623231078495_6125274625507510635_n 13010760_1189623314411820_7623054954773312200_n 12985360_1189623361078482_885752882246827626_n


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