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Photos: Chinese Man Decides to Hatch his Eggs Under An Oppressive sizzling sunlight

13775877_1283852798322204_1098818378905191954_n Oppressive heat usually spells trouble, but one Chinese chicken vendor was able to find an opportunity in the rising temperatures. The resident of east China’s Wuxi city took advantage of the scorching weather (temperatures climbed as high as 39°C on Saturday) and relieved his broody hens of their duties as he decided to incubate the fertilized eggs al fresco under the sizzling sun. He placed the eggs that were about to hatch in baskets, and placed them on the scalding street. Surprisingly, his stunt was a success, and chicks broke out of the shells. 13767283_1283852848322199_7426673137333490300_o 13732039_1283852608322223_3988094529222157221_o 13698206_1283852901655527_8604466543116672_o 13719612_1283852798322204_1098818378905191954_o


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