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PHOTOS: Angry Elephant Slaughters Buffalo after Being Head-Butted

12594037_1084272778291205_1235381902467428501_o Amateur photographer Kimberly Maurer captured the shocking moments when an angry elephant impaled a buffalo with its tusks and tossed it high in the air in Maasai Mara, Kenya. The unsuspecting buffalo had been snoozing under a tree, when the female elephant surprised him and he charged at her. But this has apparently been a wrong decision for the buffalo, as the furious elephant dug her tusks into the buffalo with full force and tossed it to death.12644776_1084272831624533_7870064350087300984_n 11935161_1084272901624526_3218369509594014158_o 12621991_1084272928291190_2326121681137648501_o



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