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Here Are the Best Photos from The $1 Billion Dollar Wedding Between Gutseriev The son of “Mikhail Gutseriev” & Wife “Khadija Uzhakhovs”

wedding The party was documented on Instagram, which exists precisely so people can prove they threw this type of party. russian-billion-dollar-wedding-pictures-instagramA few of the best shots:Gutseriev-Billionaire-Russian-Wedding_2 32AA668B00000578-3514779-image-a-14_1459324929888 Billionaires-son-Said-Gutseriev-28-married-student-20-year-old-Khadija-Uzhakhovs-in-Moscow-this-weekend-in-a-jaw-droppingly-lavish-affair-rumoured-to-have-cost-up-to-1-billion-5-904x1024 a8764566a1e32e29b68f5a4e5793a60f cb79ca3102fa3ef39464c75d069f1aec la_boda_mas_lujosa_del_siglo_said_gutseriev_y_khadija_uzhakovs_53360945_546x

Jennifer Lopez performing in a bejeweled body suit.

Bride Khadija Uzhakhovs poses in a bejeweled wedding dress, while Sting drones in on the background.

J. Lo crouches in a bejeweled leotard.

Enrique Iglesias doesn’t even bother to take off his baseball cap.

Then guests enjoyed a wedding cake the size of two Russian oligarchs standing on top of each other.

Congrats to the happy couple! May you continue posting on Instagram as long as you both shall live.




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