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Photo: Gumsu Abacha mourns her brother, Ibrahim who died in plane crash 20 years ago  

Gumsu took to social media to pay a touching tribute to her brother, Ibrahim Abacha. Late Ibrahim was the first son of late military dictator, Sani Abacha. He died in a plane crash on January 17,1996 along with 13 others. According to AP, the pilot was inexperienced and the plane was carrying too many people. Another reports states that an engine problem might have been the cause of the crash.

“Ibrahim Sani Abacha. ..20 years today. Allah ya jikan ka da rahama. Amin. .. u will never be forgotten. .. I remember so well the last time i saw u and u were giving Inna a goodbye hug.. not knowing it was actually gonna be The Last Goodbye.” she wrote.


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