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Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA Releases Five (5) Prophecies for the new year 2016

Rev.Biodun.Fatoyinbo-1024x683 Five (5) prophecies for the new year –

1. 2016 is the year you will experience strange help from human beings. Men will help you this year. Strangers will help you. Help will rise for you in strange places. For every door that shuts, 1000 will open. This is the year people will help you and helping you will please them. This is the year you will be a blessing to people the most. Thanksgiving will rise to heaven because of you. You will not miss opportunities.

2. Wisdom.
You will know what to do ad how to behave yourself wisely. Everyone connected to this ministry will know what to do. In 2016, you will know where to go. you will know how to go about your marriage, finance and gift., You will walk in wisdom. You will tap into wisdom this year. You will understand time and seasons. You will know when to embrace and when to refrain from embracing. You will know what to do. Your steps shall be ordered. Your mistakes are obliterated and your results maximized. You will rise on high places. God will do business with you. Your love for God will abound more and more, Your choices will be right. Your eyes will open. Yoru methods will change. God will give you new strategies. 2016 is the year you will hit the game and get back your arrow. Your strategies will be accurate. Your methods will get results. You will walk in wisdom.

3. Anointing.
You will not struggle this year. You will travel round the world. God will lift you up. You will dine with kings and it will fit you. You will ride on the wings of grace this year. You will do things that only God could have orchestrated. Beyond your abilities, the grace factor speaks for you.12493532_824319907676728_4712969750570529422_o

4.The grace for finance.
God will move you as you desire it. You will take money out of money. In 2016, you begin to prosper like Isaac. Begin to expand to the left and to the right.

5. Health.
You will swim in health. Your youth will be renewed like that of an eagle. This is the season for you to REFIRE rather than retire. I see your brain functioning well. Your memories are coming back. Your natural body is not abated. Receive strength from within. You will be strong in your mind. You will pick things in heaven and do wonder on earth. The power of God hits you right now. There is a turn around in your body. 2016 is the year you will get pregnant and spend Christmas with your baby.


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