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Nollywood Actress Grace Amah consoles Ibinabo Fiberesima on incarceration

vllkytaHR0cDovL2kuY2RubmFpai5jb20vby80U2lYcmdMd1dhbEpNUTU2R2dQNkdJRE4uanBn.prx.1cbf4afb The news of the conviction and incarceration president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has come with mixed feelings. While many felt she should be punished for the manslaughter of Dr Suraj Giwa some felt she should be left off the hook as the murder happened 10 years ago.

Nollywood star actress Grace Amah has joined millions of fans and colleagues to console fellow actress Ibinabo Fiberesima over her conviction for the murder of Dr Giwa. Amah encouraged Fiberesima when she wrote that: “Life is a journey. It comes with the good, the ugly and the bad. It comes with joy and sorrow. It brings moment of comfort and moment of discomfort.” Ibinabo is convicted of manslaughter and to serve a 5 year jail term.

However, sister to the deceased doctor, Biola Giwa-Adeyemi said the family has forgiven Ibinabo over the accident that killed their brother and breadwinner. But she claimed Ibinabo was never remorseful after the accident and refused to tender a public apology to the deceased family as that will affect her acting career.


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