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Nigerians Are Respected & Adored In Australia

kayode-rachael Nigerians are respected and adored, Australia is it. The promoter of Goajo Agency, Mr Kayode Moses, an Australia-based travel and tourism expert, which specializes in packaging tour and offering immigration service to Australia, made this revelation in an exclusive interview with Travel and Tourism Magazine in Lagos.“It is unfortunate that some countries see Nigerians as evil, fraud, thieves and scum; but in Australia, Nigerians are regarded as golden species.”

Mr Moses revealed that “having travelled widely and even stayed in major countries of the world, I never knew there could be a country where Nigeria as a country is regarded and its citizens treated with all honour, dignity and decency like in Australia.”

He said further: “In Perth, for instance, any Nigerian walking on the street is not only regarded as an asset but seen as a medical doctor. The statement on the lips of most citizens who engage Nigerians on the streets of Perth is, ‘‘Oh, Nigerian; you must be a medical doctor.” SEE MORE ON PAGE 2


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