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Nigerian Man Narrates His Ordeal In Qatar: “Life will always give us different options but we must create what we want out of it”

1df9a83eae446ac7afa2bde29368b62aa068bf9dRead Carefully: The first day I got to Qatar, I was told I need to do a Safety course to get better job and enter the system. Monthly house rent was #40,000, eight beds in a room with a bathroom and toilet. As a traveller, I knew paying that money from my pocket will create future problem so I asked those I meet in the country how to secure casual work pending the time I will finish my NEBOSH course.

They laughed, shared different discouraging stories and we all slept. Before I wake up in the morning, all beds was empty and I was like where is everybody? I took my bath and left to the street of Rayyan, in Doha. God so good I got to a junction wheee I meet people waiting for those that will take them for casual work. We called it “shogo”. I was fortunate and favoured to secure 10hrs job. Helper for a bricklayer. Yes that was my first job in Qatar! If you don’t join them in abroad, you will think it is heaven until you join them. I was happy to do it because I know my house rent secured but I cried when the man told me how much he will pay me, 10 Qatariyal per hour.

My brother and sister, that was #420 naira per hour, the money that I do use to buy MTN recharge card in Nigeria and burned it to call omoge. Now I need to work for an hour to get such amount. Please, if I don’t play with money, it was a lesson from that an hour work for such amount not that I am from Ijebu. Lol. The second part of it was that I have a work that can balance my monthly expenses before I could fit in into the system and get paid like a king. I was very happy and every morning my heart was full of joy and hope. I did the work with all my heart and in the evening I do attend my safety course. After some period of time, my story changed and I was established in Qatar, get paid heavily, started a reliable business and travel around the world.

The reason why i am sharing this story is because of those who are bigger than casual work and crying everyday that no work in Nigeria. #1,000 daily work in Nigeria is equaivalent to #8,000 daily work in Qatar because of expenses. You can’t just be waking up, watching people around and sleeping daily in this 21st century. To me is just like a curse. Brother/sister you need to start somewhere. This life is not fear at all and to make it worst, people don’t really care again. If you see someone that can help you, you will see 50 that are not ready to help you.

Swallow that I am a graduate ego. I have documentary of Nigerians in abroad that I will share in the nearest future. Those that are doing fine today are once like you, but they decided not to complain and sleeping daily without income even if that money will buy Coca Cola only. God is watching and not sleeping.

He will remember you! If all you can say In a year is that no work and you don’t engage yourself in a work you are bigger than, there is great possibility that you will pass the barton of poverty to your coming generation. Life is too short to waste any part of it. Best of God.

CREDIT: Ajani Thompson Oyeniyi

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