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‘My dream was to become a lawyer’ – SANDRA EZE ”YOURVIEW TVC HOST SPEAKS”


Sandra Eze32 YOUNG and aspiring Sandra Eze is one of the co-hosts of the programme, Your View on Television Continental, Lagos.  Her dream was to become a lawyer but she found herself pursuing her other passion, broadcasting.

Briefly tell us about yourself.

I am Sandra Eze. I was born in Anambra, growing up was between Anambra, Enugu and Delta. I graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State.  I studied English Language and Literary Studies.  I am the second child in a family of seven.  I had wanted to be a lawyer, somehow I found myself studying English.

How would you trace your journey to broadcasting?

All along, I wanted to become a lawyer and I found out I love watching news channel, listening to radio, listening to on-air personalities on how they talk. I learnt a lot just listening to OAPs.  While in school, I was presenting for radio stations and people loved my voice. I was working while in school, I love it though it was challenging.  After I graduated, I moved to Lagos where I auditioned for Your View.

Who are your heroes among on-air personalities?

Growing up I watched Oprah Winfrey, Christiana Amanpour, Funmi Iyanda a lot.  In Nigeria Funmi Iyanda stands out among others.

Your first time facing the camera, what was it like?

I was so nervous. I am not sure I said up to a hundred words. I was shaking. After then I settled in well.

What informs your dress sense and look while on air?

I love to look like a decent girl on television, not too loud in my dress.

What do you actually love about this profession?

I love the fact that I could communicate to a large audience. It is a beautiful thing to know people call and appreciate what we do on television.

Sometimes you disagree with others on set, would that affect your personal relationship outside the studio?

Not at all.  We disagree on the show, that’s the beauty of it all.  It’s your view and that does not mean I shouldn’t express mine too.

What are your unique qualities?

I am a feminist.  I have this strong passion to portray women in a good light.  I also see myself as a voice for the young people.

Have you ever experienced embarrassment by the audience?

People do that a lot and that’s the beauty of the show.  People say funny things on the social media, we still respect them.  That’s their view.  We just develop thick skin towards it.


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