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Muhammadu Buhari Has Sentenced Nnamdi Kanu to Life Imprisonment, No Need for Court Process Anymore By Ifeanyi Chijioke

225171_1122042091154112_8402142821033550695_n Muhammadu Buhari Has Sentenced Nnamdi Kanu to Life Imprisonment, No Need for Court Process Anymore
By Ifeanyi Chijioke (For Family Writers)I am very happy even-though many Biafrans must have started crying, shed your tears and pray for God to accept your souls as i have done. God is not going to accept my soul as a coward or downtrodden, i will die a brave soldier, i won’t die without the head of ten enemies so where is the Biafran armoury?.  I followed my father a certain time to a court, i saw the symbol of a human being carrying a balance and a sword whilest the eyes were tied, i asked my father who is that person, my father said it’s mr Justice.

I love asking so i went on, why is his eyes tied? He laughed and said because he doesn’t look at faces, whether you are president or brick-layer, whether you are enemy or friend, he doesn’t know, who he would give justice he doesn’t know neither , do we know Yesterday night in a presidential media chat, Buhari proved my father wrong to my greatest surprise.

He just told me what Mr. Judge will do to Nnamdi Kanu,  Nnamdi Kanu cannot be released or allowed to enjoy freedom because he committed atrocity against Nigeria. I waited to hear the atrocities Nnamdi Kanu committed, and then Buhari continued; that one called Kanu has two passports, British and Nigerian own, he came into Nigeria without any of them. Did you know he imported sophisticated equipment he uses to preach hate massage? Said Buhari.

The above were the two atrocities Kanu committed, does it mean Buhari doesn’t know the meaning of the world atrocity. Buhari is so much taking Nnamdi Kanu’s issue too personal, my Nigerian friend had said to me that Buhari won’t spare Kanu because Kanu has frustrated Buhari to the extent the world knows him as a pedophile and terrorist. Even-though IPOB leadership would not sanction arms we are yelling for, they should know only arms can get a dictators attention.
He made it clear that Boko haram and militants are serious people worth worrying about. IPOB leadership must start planning on how approach to be followed; court in Nigeria is now a formality as it’s bound to do the bidding of the King of Nigeria, no confidence anymore neither is there any dignity left for the judiciary, the world is pretending like nothing is happening, only because on atonement day the prophet said it would be this way.

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