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Megan Good & DeVon Franklin smoulder on Rolling Out cover as they explain why saving sex for marriage is the key to success  

In a revealing cover story for Rolling Out, Minister and Hollywood executive, DeVon Franklin and his actress wife Meagan Good urged fans to wait and explains why they chose to walk a different way – celibacy.

“I was tired of living a lie. Doing one thing outside of the pulpit and doing another thing in the pulpit. I really wanted to align my spiritual life with my personal life,” said Franklin.

Meagan Good detailed doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, only to meet further heartbreak.

“After my last relationship, I was in a place where I was just like, ‘Why do I keep running into walls?’ I got tired of it and decided that I was going to do it all your God’s way. Not half your way. I’m going to do all of it and it really changed everything,” she said.

Needles to say, it was their discipline and vow of celibacy that allowed the long time couple to find an organic, true love — with each other. Today, the couple who recently released The Wait, “a powerful practice for finding the love of your life and the life you love,” shares why saving sex for marriage is the key to success.


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