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Meet The Top (5) Most Talented Actors in Kannywood & Their Profile | Sani Musa Danja,Bello Bello, Ali Nuhu, Rahama Sadau & Others

top 5 Some Kannywood actors and actresses are blessed with multiple talents – that is besides acting.

A number of them are multi-lingual, others are good dancers and singers, and some can direct and produce movies.

No doubt, many fans know little of those extra skills.

Here are some of the most multi-talented performers In Kannywood Below:BM-6.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.Zu6dWKU5EY

Bello Mohammed Bello

Popularly known as General Bello in the industry, Bello operates from Jos, Plateau State.

He is known in Kannywood as the actor who can speak the highest number of languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Jamaican Patois, Hindu, Telegu, Urdu and Kannada.

Bello is an international translator of languages, and has won several awards.

He is a movie producer, a cameraman, sound engineer, music composer and a movie non-linear editor and a singer. Bello says his skills derive from passion. “I thank god for my skills,” he said. Bello is the managing director and CEO of BMB productions in Jos.

2015_10$largeimg30_Oct_2015_192012313Ali Nuhu

Nuhu is among Kannywood’s best known actors. He has excelled in Nollywood and is the owner and CEO of “FKD records”, a film producing company.

Ali is a director, trainer, dancer and a script writer. He has won more awards in Kannywood than any other living actor in the industry, according to movie promoter and marketer, Hassana Dalhat.

Ali Nuhu speaks Hausa, Indian, Arabic and English.10940989_660826117377685_8822269776202784818_n

Adam Zango

The Kaduna-born actor is popularly called Usher by his fans. He stays top for his unique dancing and singing skills. In his early days, Zango had a dance group in Kaduna.

He is also a movie producer and director. Zango edits most of his films, composes songs, handles the camera and is good at post-production processes.

He is the co-owner of White House Musical Records, and is the sole owner of Prince Zango productions.

He was the producer of Kannywood’s big budget movie series, “Basaja” and most sold musical album in the Kannywood history “Sabon Salo” and “Mailaya”, according to a market research by Dalhat.

Adam understands and speaks Hausa and English. He is currently a student of French and also attends Arabic classes.Sani-Musa-Danja

Sani Danja

Danja is a movie producer and a singer. He is also a businessman, and together with his friend, Yakubu Mohammed, owns the 2effect Records, which is a film and music production company.

He understand and speaks Hausa and English and is also a student of Arabic.

Sani also acts in Nollywood. He is known for his unique ability to dance.

Apart from acting, Sani served in the board of the National film Institutes, Jos, during the last

Rahama Sadau

Rahama is the only female celebrity to cut the list. While she is relatively new in the Kannywood but has excelled in the industry.

Rahama owns a dancing group in Kaduna and is rated by many followers of the Kannywood as the best female dancer.

She is also a make-up artist, and owns one of the best make-up shops in Kaduna.

Rahama is a fashion designer and a modelling star. She is an ambassador for designers’ companies’ like pinkfluer and many others, and also acts in Nollywood films.



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