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Meet Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri Her Profile/Movies & Biography

Ruth-Kadiri12 Background

My name is Ruth Kadiri. I am an actress. I’m from Edo State; I attended Foundation College, Ajegunle and the University of Lagos where I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications. I am the first child from a Christian home.


My first movie was “Boys Cot.” I have also written scripts and produced movies. I never had a reason to use the back door in my rise to fame. I have moved from one level of success to another. I believe I am blessed because I am a peaceful woman. I’m not a desperate person and I have not had any nasty experience in the industry.   If I look back from where I started to where I am, I’m very grateful to God because of His grace upon my life.I want to be a household name and to impact Nigerian youths positively.


Everything inspires me when I am writing. Nigeria is a very dramatic country and I draw inspiration from it most times. I have written over 20 scripts in less than three years. I know that make-believe is inspired by real life situations.

Price of fame

A fan once found out where I worshipped on Sundays. He started attending church service with us in order to meet me. There was a time there were rumours that I was dating Stanley Ebonine, who was my helper, manager, a back-bone and a friend. He was someone who could go over board for me. He gave me a chance when other people did not. It would have been stupid of me to stop talking to him because of gossips. In life, one should never forget what others have done for one because ingratitude is a sin.

Ruth Kadiri - Lovely (2)Celebrity crush

I don’t have a crush on any celebrity. I admire their talents though.


I have suffered a broken heart. Everybody has been heartbroken. Only heartless people are immune to heartbreak.

I was 18 when I fell in love for the first time. I still think about that moment, especially when I’m sad.


I don’t have any because what others regard as mistakes are what I call experience.


I want my ideal man to be understanding, God-fearing and ambitious. My boyfriend has no issues with my career. I’ve been in showbiz for a while now and he knows that this is my career, so he gives me all his support.

Movie roles

I am a professional but there is a point where I draw the line. For instance, I will never act an extreme nude role because my culture forbids it. I am not dying to play love scenes with anybody. How far I can go in a kissing scene depends on the interpretation by the director. If I am required to kiss my partner in a movie, I will interpret the role accordingly. A professional actress is supposed to know what she signed up for.


I love reading, writing and browsing the Internet. When I am not writing, I can be found in the comfort of my home relaxing and watching television. I like hanging out with my close friends.   I don’t keep a low profile but I’m not somebody one can find in nightclubs or at social gatherings.

Turn on/offs

Dishonesty turns me off, while dedication and diligence are my likes.


My style is simple and eclectic. I’m a simple girl by nature. Everything about my dressing tends towards simplicity. I also love my hair to be simple. I have always loved flowing hairdo.




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  • Your public decisions will either make you or Mar you. I have always like to be known publicly but I have faced a lots of criticism over the years and that have taught me wisdom.
    However, love God know what He wants you to do per time and admire most of your decisions as a result of His directions. Don’t ever give up, keep trying and never give up even when the time is up.

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