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Biography/Profile/History Of Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police “Peace Ibekwe Abdallah”

10314732_736489299818352_1090141338711611582_n Meet Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police. Peace Ibekwe Abdallah, Pretty I’snt she?

What a man can do, a woman can do even better. That is just the best way to describe the guts new Ebonyi Po­lice Commissioner CP Peace Ibekwe Abdallah has dem­onstrated in her assignment as the chief law enforcement officer in the state that goes by the sobriquet ‘Salt of the Nation’,

She is the second female commissioner of police and the 17th CP since the creation of the state.

She was Born on April 7, 1963, CP Peace Ibekwe Abdallah hails from Onitsha in Anambra State. Her journey in the Police Force which started 29 years, when she was enlisted into NPF as a cadet ASP, has been tough and eventful. But, through hard work (and plain good luck too), she rose steadily up the ladder of police officers’ ranks, until August 25 last year when she was promoted to the rank of commission­er of police (CP). Her first assignment as Commissioner of Police was head­ing the Monitoring Unit, Force Head­quarters, and Abuja.

On assumption of office as Ebonyi CP, the Commissioner’s first move was to generate alliances with stakeholders in the state principal officers of the local government and the traditional rulers, among others to promote un­derstanding and cooperation so that po­licing in the state could be made easier and more effective.

Within her few weeks in office, it became obvious to many in the state that a change of guard had taken place. With her in charge, a new era of harmonious coexistence of all security agen­cies such as the Army, FRSC, Immigra­tion, NSCDC, and Customs et al was born.

Since she assumed office, there are testimonies and evidences to show that crimes and criminalities have drastically reduced in the state. Even in a few cases where kidnap attempts were made, the CP personally led the operation that foiled the attempts. According to the PPRO, there have been a lot of breakthroughs since the CP assumed office. “She will personally come out, talk to the victim’s family and assure them of safety. She is a strong woman. She has delivered and she will continue to deliver and Ebonyi people are happy with her,”

So far, everybody and every group seem comfortable with CP Peace Ibek­we Abdallahi’s modus operandi. Re­cently, the Okada Riders Union in the state conferred with the title of “NNE Oma (good mother) Ebonyi State” in appreciation of her crime-bursting and prevention efforts.

This is how the Governor of Ebonyi describe this amazon :

“Her joviality should not be taken for granted because somebody who smiles like her can be strict and even difficult.: “I am very impressed with the Nigeria Police of today”

Here is what she said at the grand reception of her appointment :

“I will be proactive in reaching out to all communities so that there will not be communication gap in the state. I am a woman with few words. I am a woman of action. I am here to work the talk, not to make noise. We will partner with the community by reaching out to stakeholders. We are not up to 3000 policemen in Ebonyi State; it is evident that without the community we serve, we cannot succeed.”3319657_peaceibekwe2_jpeg91a093cbc2c065fd8a2a59d83a59bccc 3319658_peaceibekweonduty_jpegeff6f3d3635a226bf09a0ba4c955319d 3319659_peaceibekwe4_jpeg6e1b313c2a849f03d2baa25bdf7932ba