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Five Major Reasons That Justifies David Cameron’s “fantastically corrupt” comments About Nigeria

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “fantastically corrupt” comment, has Sparked Fire Amongst Some Nigerias: See The Reasons Below:

1.You may believe he spoke the truth and therefore we should accept his judgment in good faith. Well we won’t because when you are a haven and an enabler of corruption, you have no impetus or locus standi to make such reckless statement.

2. He was caught unawares and wouldn’t say it publicly at a press conference. That’s hypocritical. When you say something to my face and something else behind my back are you really an ally?

3. Absolute statements and generalization of people and situations often ride on the wings of lies, prejudices and stereotypes. We have corruption problems and we are not living in denial but when you brand and name an entire people as “fantastically corrupt” that’s a whole new level of naming and shaming. Every nation has its own issues and it will be wrong to say a nation is entirely something as “fantastically” did connote.

4. In an article that was first published on Aljazeera in 2014 approximately $900b illicit funds flow out of the Western world like the UK and USA compared to $40b out of developing nations annually. So because Britain does it in a more glamorous way makes it less or not fantastically corrupt? Don’t you think it’s annoying when the pot call kettle black in an acceptable fashion simply because pot’s black is of a different sort?

5. Lastly, when you love someone or something genuinely, you won’t be glad when its dirty linen is washed In public irrespective of how it got dirty or who made it dirty. Our anger stems from our sentiments and emotions for our beloved nation. Not that we deny the issues raised but we contest the manner we have been confronted with the so-called truth.

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