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List Of The Baton Rouge Police Officers Killed yesterday by Gunman Includes: “Montrell Jackson, 32, and Matthew Gerald, 41 & Brad Garafola, 45”

la-baton-rouge-officers-20160717 From left: Officers Montrell Jackson, 32, and Matthew Gerald, 41 &  Brad Garafola, 45.

  • Three officers were killed, two of them from the Baton Rouge Police Department: Montrell Jackson, a black, 32-year-old father of a 4-month-old son who had worked on the force for a decade, and Matthew Gerald, a white, 41-year-old officer who had been with the department for less than a year. East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garafola, 45, was also killed. The father of four had been with the sheriff’s office for 24 years.
  • Three officers were wounded. One remained in critical condition Monday.
  • The gunman, Gavin E. Long, was killed at the scene. Police initially believed there were multiple suspects, but later said the dead shooter is the only gunman.
  • Long, a 29-year-old Marine Corps veteran from Kansas City, Mo. left a vast and angry online trail documenting his interest in black separatism and fury at police shootings of black men.

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