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Linda Ikeji cooked up her story – Mayowa’s sister

Linda Ikeji cooked up her story - Mayowa's sister

Nollywood Actress Toyin Aimakhu keeps mum on SaveMayowa donation drive.

After helping to raise over N30 million for ill fan, Mayowa Ahmed and later purportedly denouncing it as scam actress Toyin Aimakhu has kept mum following the turn of events.

On Thursday, Linda Ikeji ‘s Blog, LIB, said people involved in raising money to raise money to save Mayowa reported to her that it was a scam.

According to the report, Mayowa’s condition was terminal and doctors at University of Lagos Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idi Araba, Lagos, where Mayowa is on admission had given up on her case. And the family was aware of this, yet they went ahead to raise funds for her treatment.

However, this has generated ruckus on the social space, involving Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu, who was a major force behind raising over N30 million. The actress who is set to launch ‘Teemoji,’ her line of emojis was also accused of leaking the news to LIB that Mayowa’s case is a fraud.

Youtube videos on Thursday showed the actress being accosted at LUTH by several persons accusing her of telling gossip blogger Linda Ikeji that Mayowa’s case is a fraud.  However, the actress in the video can be heard denying talking to Linda Ikeji.

The management of LUTH has waded in to investigate the matter concerning its patient.

On Monday, Aimakhu put photos of her and Mayowa on her Instagram account and pleaded with Nigerians to help fund a go fund me account opened for that purpose.

“This is Mayowa,” she wrote.

“I don’t know her. I have never met her. The only thing I know about her is that she is my fan. I am an actress and I believe this is the time to use my voice. We need your help.”

However, on Thursday, Aimakhu again posted that there was a fake Go Gund Me account using Mayowa’s case and the public should be aware of this.

“pls to the public this is so so fake, no more gofunds on behalf of Mayowa and whoever is behind this shame on you, pls disregard any information/s about her pls..if you need any info pls kindly get intouch with me pls and will bring more info tonight again, whoever created this acct shame on you again and lastly to all our pastors, alfas and traditionalists and everyone pls she needs our prayers more now pls and im sure god wants to use Mayowa case to let us know we Nigerians love ourselves and we are the best country in the world.”

This development confused many Nigerians as to what to believe anymore.

A snapshot of the Gofund me account that was raised for Mayowa said she was diagnosed with bilateral Ovarian Mass Carcinoma and needed 100, 000 dollars for treatment at Emory International Hospital, Atlanta, USA.

But according to LIB, ‘there’s no letter from Emory Hospital inviting her over. Mayowa does not have a US visa and the cancer has even spread to her liver.’

It also said: ‘Some of Mayowa’s family members are being detained at Area D in Mushin while they investigate.’

But the Ahmed family members on Thursday denied that the SaveMayowa Donation was a scam.

In a statement, they said that the sole purpose the funds were raised was to take Mayowa abroad for proper medical care.

“As a family, we want to make these affirmative statements,” the statement read.

“Mayowa is presently at LUTH receiving treatment for her seven-hour trip to Abu Dhabi. We also engaged the services of Flying Doctors to accompany her on the trip based on recommendation by doctors in LUTH.

“She is receiving treatment to allow her to be able to travel as advised by doctors. She’s been transfused to help improve her PCV.”

“The funds raised are solely for Mayowa’s treatment and for no other reason. We await her visa to commence the journey as we are in touch with the doctors abroad and they are awaiting her arrival. We appreciate the contributions made by Nigerians on this journey.

“We have been misled by the so-called top hospitals in Nigeria and have only helped to make the issue worse. We require every support to help to give our dear Mayowa another attempt to regain her life and live the remaining as God as ordained.”

In an interview granted to online news platform, Pulse ng, Mayowa’s sister, Mariam Ahmed, said her sister has sickle cell and ovarian cancer and said Linda Ikeji cooked up her story.

“I don’t know why Toyin Aimakhu and Linda Ikeji are saying we are scamming nigerians,” Mariam said.

“It is a lie. No doctor ever told us my sister cannot survive this. They just told us to do something and take her out of the country. Nigerians, wed didn’t scam you ooo. It’s a lie ooo. Linda Ikeji has never been in this story and now, she’s cooking up everything… Right now, my sister is inside the room crying. I don’t know what she (Linda Ikeji) wants us to do. I don’t know what she (Linda Ikeji) wants from us. Please, we don’t know anything about the scam. It is true, my sister has ovarian cancer. At least, we sent the medical report. We posted everything online. You people saw everything. Nobody even asked to put the video. She was just tired. She put the video because she does not want to die. And she posted it online. Now, everything is out. There is nothing we can do but keep praying to God. I don’t know why Linda just cooked up the story. Nobody told us she’s going to die.”

However, Aimakhu has remained silent on social media since Thursday’s dramatic turn of events.


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