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See how Lady “Susan Isreal” Found her Lover via social media: From An ‘Hey’ on Facebook, to a reply ’12-days’ later,

Susan Isreal revealed via her IG page about how she and her fiancée met online, also narrating how their relationship progressed until they got engaged recently. In her words:

It all started with “HEY” 2years ago on facebook and you know how some girls(me) are, we would reply yearsss later😀 well I replied like 12 days later and he said “I know your sis” in my mind I said “see this one famzing” cut long story short, I kept replying days after he sends a message😒 especially when I knew we were like over 6000miles apart😒 until we clicked🙈🙈…we all know how it goes😉 from there😛😛 … We kept in touch and fell in love along the way🙈🙈. Saw him for the first time last year and upon our second meeting this year I said YES 💍💍💍 to my best friend (the only best friend I have actually), my brother, my lover for life and my KNIGHT @cashmyles 😍😍😍 so yeahhh I cut the long story short sha😀😀. I’m ENGAGED💃💃💃 WHOOP! WHOOP!

Photo Credit: Instagram – @eliorasignature


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