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Kannywood actress, Rahma Sadau, Bags Suspension From the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN)


Kannywood actress, Rahma Sadau, was suspended by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) for publicly claiming she was de-casted from Adam A Zango’s movie ‘Duniya Makaranta’ for rejecting his romantic advances. The movie industry has since been divided along the lines of those who support the punishment and those oppose to it.

A similar case was that of Nafisa Abdullahi who was suspended for organising a party with her colleagues contrary to the provision of the Arewa Films Association of Nigeria, AFMAN and she was kept away for a very long time.

The suspension of the actress has continued to draw reactions from her female and male colleagues as well as the general public. It is normal that in every situation, there must be two opposing parties. While many people have condemned the suspension clamped down on the actress, describing it as injustice quite a number too have voted for the punishment, seeing it as a step in the right direction.

Expectedly, there is crisis of confidence in the industry as a result of this, with some directors refusing to respect the MOPPAN’s suspension of     Rahma. These directors have continued to feature her in their movies. It was, however, gathered that in the aftermath of the suspension order, Nollywood actor, Ali Nuhu who is described as Rahma’s godfather had written to MOPPAN requesting that the actress be allowed to complete the shooting of one of his movies which they had already started and which she is featuring in.

Nuhu, it was further gathered, did not wait for response to his request before going ahead to continue the shooting of the movie with the suspended actress. This, perhaps, may have encouraged other producers and directors to continue to feature Rahma. However, the Kano State Censorship Board, in a recent announcement endorsed the suspension of the actress, saying it had suspended the actress from appearing in all movies that have the board’s nod.

The board’s executive secretary, Malam Dahiru Ahmad Beli, who made the announcement, warned that the board would not censor any movie featuring the suspended actress. The decision to this effect was taken at a stakeholders’ meeting held on April 23, 2015 in which some security agencies were in attendance.

Beli said there had been several reports on the excesses of artists and there was need for the board to take steps to halt the ugly trend before it got out of hand. “You will hear stories that an actor or actress has engaged themselves in a public confrontation or engaged themselves in a disgraceful act. As a regulatory body we have to do something to protect the integrity of the Hausa movie industry,” said Beli.

He pointed out that a letter notifying the board of the suspension of the actress was presented before it and expressed disappointment that some producers decided not to respect the association’s decision by their resolve to continue to cast her in their movies.

But the national chairman of AFMAN, Abdullahi Sani Abdullahi popularly known as Baba Karami said the association to which the actress belongs was not formally communicated on the suspension order. Consequently, the association, he said, would continue to cast her in its movies.

However, AFMAN’s Kano State chairman, Sama’ila Na’abbah Afakallah faulted the position of the national chairman of the association, stating that the state chapter was part of the stakeholders’ meeting and affirmed the industry’s disciplinary committee’s suspension of the actress.

“We really want to give this industry a better future and a good name and this is not the first time that an erring artist is been suspended. Actress like Nafisa Abdullahi, Maryam Malika, Fati Ladan among others were at one time of the other suspended. Why would this one be different? It is an issue of being found wanting and decision has been taken on the artist in question. This is not done for the fun of ridiculing anybody, we have to support this profession and make it worthwhile for it to survive,” said Afakallah.

On her part, the actress said she heard about her suspension as a rumour as she had not been formally communicated. She claimed to have been invited to Kano on three different occasions without being told what her offences were or given a chance to shed some light on what she was accused of saying. “I was on my way back to Kaduna from Kano when I heard the news of my suspension; I have been to Kano on three consecutive times without getting any response on what I was accused of doing,” Rahma stated.

As mentioned earlier, Kannywood’s award wining actress, Nafisa Abdullahi had similarly been suspended. Her own ordeal was that of organising a party and being indecently dressed for on the occasion. The actress was so pissed off that she refused to appear before the investigation committee to clear herself, a situation that prompted the committee to take stiffer and quick action of suspending her for two years.

The question has however been raised as to why it is appears that it is only actresses that are being punished in the industry. Does this mean that the men are saints who do no wrong by keeping to all the rules and regulations that bind artists in the industry? There has to be some explanation for this.


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