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JOKES: The best of Nigerian comedy: Who is your favorite Nigerian Comedian?

Kings-of-Comedy-2-600x425 Good day Ladies and Gentle men, How you today (una don chop today?) like this so eh forget talk give yoyo platain, Base on tradition, come to think of think, seriously on a serious note American Comedian are better off than Nigerian Comedians.

Ogus Baba
Why i talk like that? seriously if you see all this American comedian suit up you go like them but make Nigerian Comedian suit up heaven and earth you non go see different, neva laugh o i non go too talk today because dem say na people wen get Big head and mouth dey talk people like my Brother Comedian AKA Basket Mouth, No try am oo that guy fit talk from today till next generation.
Ask Basket Mouth
Ogus Baba :- Basket Mouth
Basket Mouth :- Eh!
Ogus Baba :- Shey dat tin wen i talk for up so na lie?
Basket Mouth:- For where who talk am say na lie? No be Lie oo I fit talk from today eh mstcheeew fit reach another world wen baba God go create..
Ogus Baba :- Hey stop it simple question Yes or No you won start put your own.
Ogus Baba Continue
So as we dey talk before that urgly boy interrupted. Come to think of it all american comedian fine pass all Nigerian Comedian both female and male.. I Thank God say i non go talk too much as i have Photo backups for my talk. what i am trying to say which American Comedian you won use compare with Basket Mouth/ As Basket mouth non dey make me rest of his Handsomeness and for my mind i dey laff am say him wen be like monkey, Me sef wen mange handsome small neva boast say i handsome him wen be like monkey na him come dey make noise.  




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