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How UK professor Arthur Allison got converted to Islam

A UK professor, Arthur Allison, has narrated the beautiful story of his conversion to Islam. The professor who is the head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the University of London got acquainted with Islam during his course of study of religions. According to Professor Allison, Islam is the religion of truth and inborn nature with which Allah has created man. He also said he bears witness that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. 


In an interview given to the Arabic-weekly, Al-Muslimoon, the professor narrated the story of his conversion to Islam saying: “In the course of my study of psychology and related subjects as the president of the British Society for Psychological and Spiritual Studies, I got acquainted with religions. I studied Hinduism, Buddhism and some other religions and creeds. When I studied Islam, I compared it to other religions.

“During the conference on Medical Illimitability in the Quran, I could realize that the difference was great. Then I was convinced that Islam is the most proper religion that befits my inborn nature and conduct. In the heart of my heart I had felt that there is a God controlling the Universe. He is the Creator. Therefore, when I studied Islam, I found that it did not conflict with reason and science. I believe that is the revealed religion from the one and only God. As I witnessed the truth, I uttered the two testimonies. The moment I uttered Shahadah, I was overwhelmed by a strange and ineffable feeling mingled with ease, comfort and satisfaction.” According to the professor, the Quranic verse that finally led him to Islam is Quran 39:42 which says: “It is Allah Who takes away the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep. He keeps those (souls) for which He has ordained death and sends the rest for a term appointed. Verily, in this are signs for a people who think deeply.”


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