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How to Understand that a Girl Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Love is a feeling that inspires. We are ready to make any sacrifice when we are in love. But sometimes this is not enough. Having had a relationship with a girl for a long time, you might notice that her behavior has changed. So, here are the signs that indicate that she doesn’t love you anymore from vava dating

  1.      No sex

“I don’t want to have sex today! I have a headache and I’m tired at work. I want to sleep!” Women don’t want to admit it but about 75-80% of a relationship depends on intimate life. So, the surest and the main sign that a girl doesn’t love you is the lack of intimate life. If a woman keeps looking for excuses, then either she has a lover or it is the time when your love is gone.

  1.   She began to pay more attention to her hobby

When you met, she was fond of some interesting hobby but it didn’t ruin your relationship. And now you rarely see her. Now she is lost in a gym, take dance lessons, and so on. Even if you want to do something with her, she accepts your offer without any enthusiasm.

  1.      A girl began to gain weight and doesn’t care about her appearance

Previously, she was a slender girl with trendy hairstyle and cool makeup. Now you began to notice that your girlfriend become fat, her skin becomes pale, she wears ugly shorts and faded robe when she is at home and so on. This means that she doesn’t want to dress up for you and doesn’t strive to constantly gain your attention.  

  1.      She doesn’t look into your eyes

After the love has gone, you didn’t look into each other’s eyes.  Eye contact means that a relationship keeps afloat and its absence means that she becomes a stranger. When she looks away or closes her eyes during sex, it means that a girl thinks about everything but not about you.

  1.      You don’t hold hands

She always used to take you by the arm or put her hand in yours, and now she doesn’t do this. Earlier perhaps you were annoyed by this. But now you notice that the initiative comes only from you. This fact means that you are not so close anymore. When love is gone, she doesn’t want even such a contact.

  1.      You have frequent quarrels and conflicts

We all want a peaceful and happy life, and frequent quarrels leave unpleasant precipitate that negates all the good that happens. Remember how many times you said witty phrases during heated quarrels instead of hugging a loved one? Of course, after some time you will make up again and life will go on as usual, but she will always remember it. Now the first sign that the love is gone and your relationship is almost died is frequent quarrels and conflicts.

  1.      She doesn’t care how your day is

You always hear: “Don’t you see I’m busy?” Remember how she met you from work: there was a delicious dinner on the table and she was interested in everything that happened with you during a day. Remember how she pestered you with texts and calls? Everyone knows the truth that sounds like this: “If a woman cares about you, she loves you. As soon as she is no longer interested in where you are and with whom you are – you lose her”. If your woman is not interested in the details of your life outside the home, be sure that her feelings began to fade away and you have to return them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will lose her.

It is logical that the representatives of a strong half may ask the question: “If she feels nothing, why are we still living together?” The answer is simple: it is a habit. And, most of all, she has a lover that satisfies her material and sexual needs. In this case, you are just a part of a past life and she just can’t live without you (yet). But these 7 signs give you the opportunity to change everything and improve your relationship with a girl you love.


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