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When Horses start to go to hairdressers, they become Art Work.


British artist Melody Cannon perhaps has the most unique and interesting job in the world: she gives horses free-hand haircuts at JMC Equestrian Driving & Custom Clipping in Bury, Greater ‪#‎Manchester‬ in U.K. As horses are such hairy animals, their haircuts are more like body tattoos.
Ms. Cannon started with simple geometrical patterns such as stars, and then her works gradually grew more elaborate, all freehand, without the use of stencils. To answer the concern of animal lovers, Melody said the haircuts do the horses good because they help the fur from matting.

Melody wrote on her Facebook page: “There were many people getting irate over what is, essentially, simply a haircut. No animal is ever forced to stand or made to feel uncomfortable during the trims. In fact, they quite enjoy the whole experience.” She also explained that she got the horse to stand patiently in different sittings before the final artwork was ready12919691_1135782386473577_3254733555105319985_n 12928278_1135782416473574_4107469655110951168_n 12523929_1135782389806910_568197447938581198_n

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