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Hollywood Celebrity Khloe Kardashian tells instances where lying in a relationship is allowed  


Khloe Kardashian believes in honesty in relationships except when the truth ‘could really hurt someone you’re dating.’She took to her website to dole out advice on when one is allowed to lie in relationships.

‘Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to relationships,’  ‘But there are some scenarios when telling the truth could really hurt someone you’re dating.’These are my rules for whether or not you should tell a white lie to your man.’

In regards to questions on How Many People You’ve Slept With, Khloe said

 ‘I don’t ask this question but I would expect him to tell me if I’m in a room with someone he used to hook up with…
‘I’m not going to lie about this one, I just don’t think it’s a necessary conversation.’

And If You’ve Hooked Up With One Of His Friends, she warned:

‘Say something! That’s definitely going to come out!!’




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