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Freeze reacts to the killing of 2 black men in the US:-Growing up, I had dreams of life in America, I thank God for those disappointments-

Daddy+Freeze+of+CoolFM OAP Freeze talked about police brutality in the US and the deaths of the 2 black men killed by Police in Louisiana and Minnesota. Read what he wrote below:

The police is the future KKK ~Notorious B.I.G.

In the video, the white man tried driving over the black cop’s foot with his Ferrari, the black cop was armed but didn’t reach for his weapon.

I have always been outspoken, I can vividly remember getting black eyes for speaking out or giving someone a piece of my mind right from the tender age of 7. I have never allowed anything or anyone shut me up. I remember, back in senior high when the librarian in ISI (international school IBADAN) called me before a crowd and ran me down, telling everyone how useless I was… Then she made the mistake of her life, in the presence of everyone, she said to me “you this boy with no future ambition, tell us what you want to be when you grow up”, never without a punchline comeback, with a beaming smile across my face, I retorted, “I want to be a librarian”. Everyone burst out laughing, as the joke had now turned on her.

However for the first time in my life, I was lost for words, my voice disappeared from within me, that ability I have to air my views damning all consequences left me! Seeing a man’s soul ripped away from his body in the presence of his girlfriend, is probably one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can ever have…… I can imagine her tears, the never ending mental and emotional torture..then watching another man pumped full of slugs by two trigger happy white cops, throwing their families into mourning.

The brutality, in the manner in which both murders were executed in cold blood, in broad daylight, haunts me.

Growing up, I had dreams of life in America. I played the visa lottery at least 7 times, with each attempt accompanied by prayers & fasting, while each realization of my failure left me sorrowful.

I thank God for those disappointments, I’m grateful that I am not a second class citizen with the privileges of a second hand undergarment. I am much better off, being a citizen of this blessed country called Nigeria, where you are greeted by the police with pleasantries like “anything for the boys” or “happy weekend sir” even if it’s Tuesday!

R.I.P Alton Sterling & Philando Casteel. ~FRZ

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