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Etisalat launches Time Based Plan For Unlimited Downloads


Despite the hard times etisalat are experiencing due to the unpaid debt, they still value their customers and can’t afford to lose them that why they came up with the new blaze on time based plan for unlimited downloading powered by Comptel’s FWD solution. 

Etisalat users are not new to time based plans especially the days of paygo. It is memorable experience for those that flexed it then.


With Blaze On Data Plans, you can get 10min for N50, 15min for N70, 30min for N120 or go for the 1hour plan. Within the period of this usage, you can download unlimited until your time expires.


How To Activate The Time based Plan For Unlimited Downloads 
•Send in SMS format “blaze on” to 229 to activate your preferred plan
•Download etisalat blaze on app from here to track your connection status and time.
Note: This plan only works on Android 4.0+ only  iOS are currently not supported. If you have a very strong network in your location and you want to download Large files then this blaze on etisalat time based plan worth testing.

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