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Etisalat data plans in Nigeria for all devices Including “Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Modem and PC” in 2017

Etisalat data plan for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Modem and PC, Etisalat data prices, subscription codes and how to check Etisalat data balance. Basically, we will cover these areas below.

Etisalat is one of the popular telecommunication network and service providers in the world with presence in Saudi Arabia and Africa, especially in Nigeria. In terms of Data and call quality, Etisalat remains the very best in Nigeria and it has a robust subscriber base in the country. Many people prefer to use Etisalat data plan because of the quality of the network but apart from data, Etisalat also has pocket-friendly call rates and friendly customer care representatives. Etisalat data plan is very fast and is affordable too.

Why Etisalat Nigeria

etisalat data plan

Frankly speaking when you compare Etisalat Nigeria with other network providers in Nigeria such as Globacom, Airtel, and Mtn, there are more benefits which are

  • They double each recharge you make
  • Pocket-friendly and affordable call rates
  • Fast internet connection and network reach
  • Efficient customer care representatives
  • Different data plans option e.g

Etisalat Data Plan For Android, iPhone and Laptops 2017

Here I will share with you, the very best and affordable Etisalat data plan, their prices and activation codes, Data allocation and validity period. All of the plans here works flawlessly on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Laptop, and Windows devices.

Etisalat 10MB Daily Data Plan

This plan comes with a data cap of 10MB, which can be used to browse the internet for 24 hours at just #50 ONLY. Once you activate this plan, you’ll automatically be credited with a total of 10MB which comes with a validity period of 24 hours. But if you finish the 10MB within an hour, this plan automatically expires. This plan is for light browsers who want to surf Social Media. To Subscribe for the Etisalat Daily 10MB Data Bundle: Dial *229*3*8# or alternatively, Send MI3 to 229

Etisalat 50MB daily  Data plan

One of the best Data bundle is the Etisalat Daily 50MB plan. This Etisalat daily 50MB subscription gives you a 24 HOUR full internet access, and this costs just 100 Naira only.

When you subscribe to this plan with N100, you will instantly be credited with 50MB which you can use for 24 hours ONLY. However, if you exhaust this plan before its expiring time, your internet access is cut off.

To Subscribe for Etisalat Weekly 50MB, Dial *229*3*1# or Send MI1 to 229 through SMS.

Etisalat 200MB Weekly data Plan

The 200MB Etisalat data bundle is a weekly plan which is valid for 7 days. This plan is best for light browsers who browse the Internet on their Mobile phones.

Once you subscribe, you will be credited with 200MB data bundles valid for 7 DAYS. To subscribe, you’ll need to have 200 Naira on your SIM card.

To Subscribe for the 200MB, Dial *229*2*10# or Send LCD to 229

All Etisalat Monthly Data Plans 

etisalat data plan

Etisalat 500MB Monthly Data Plan

The 500MB Etisalat data plan is valid for 30 days and is most suitable for light browsers, who don’t surf the web always. One good thing about this plan is that it works both on the Day and Night time. This mobile plan is the best ideal plan for users such as tablets, playbooks, phones, etc who have a higher demand for data, especially, the Android Users.

Please note that this data plan gives you 500MB of data for 30 days (1 month) and costs ONLY 500 Naira.

To Subscribe for the 500MB,  Dial *229*2*12# or Send LCD2 to 229 via SMS

Etisalat 1GB Weekend data Plan 

The Etisalat 1GB Weekend Plan is best for mobile device users, which include those using the tablets, playbooks, phones. Mainly because these devices have a higher demand for a data subscription. As shown above, this plan gives you a total of 1GB worth of data for 30 Days (1 month) which is priced at 500 Naira cost only.

The only disadvantage of this plan is that it’s a weekend plan. Which is valid from Friday 11:59 pm – Sunday 11:59 pm every Weekend. To Subscribe for the 1GB Weekend Plan: Dial *5995*2#.

Etisalat 1.5GB Internet Plan

This is one best plan for those who are heavy surfers on Mobile. If you like reading blogs, going through your Email inbox, browsing through fashion blogs, then here’s your ideal internet bundle plan. This plan works best for mobile devices and those who occasionally surf the web on laptop and desktop computers via an Etisalat enabled modem.

To activate this plan, you will need to have a balance of N1, 000 on your Simcard.
This plan gives you a total of 1.5GB data. Valid for 1 month. To Subscribe for the Etisalat 1.5GB, Just Dial *229*2*7# or Send AND1 to 229 through SMS.


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