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Meet Eric Cray Man Who Won The First Gold Medal For Philippines And Sets New World Record At The Olympic Games.

MTZSPDEC71NI99HX_768x432 Eric Shauwn Brazas Cray is a Filipino American track and field athlete who competes in sprinting and hurdling events. He represented his country at the 2013 World Championships in Athletics, competing in the hurdles.

VIDEO: Eric Cray qualified for 400m hurdles semifinals -3rd on Heat 4


Eric Cray completed Men’s hurdle 400 metres at 43:56 seconds when he set a new world record.

“I’m very happy,” he told reporters. “To be honest, I came here for the gold medal, but it’s crazy. I’m so happy for myself, my team, my coach and my country. I am very satisfied achieving the ultimate. It means a lot to me especially when I competed with the best” he said.

Video: Eric Cray wins gold for Philippines in 400 hurdles


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