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Dstv Compact Bouquet At N6000 Now Covers English Premier League And Spanish League

It was made known by (MULTICHOICE NIGERIA) that prices for its DStv boutiques will be reduced considering the economic situation of the country.

Recently CPC investigated and confirmed allegations of violations of consumer rights levelled against the companyand then ordered them to give free-to-air channels to its consumers even when their subscription expires so as to compensate them for the lost viewing time.

CPC also ordered them to ensure them to ensure reasonably equitable spread of popular sports and other channels within 90days. Now the change is already taking place, because DStv did not only talked about slashing their price yesterday, but also introduced two new sport channels which will be made available on DStv compact bouquet that costs just N6000.
These New channels are SS11 and SS12. It will cover EPL, LaLiga and Euro 2016 matches starting from june 2016. Some of the statements made by the managing director Mr. John Ugbe, are stated below.

“One of MultiChoice’s key priorities is to put our subscribers’ needs at the heart of everything we do and since these have been tough economic times for everyone, we realised that our subscribers could use some good news. We are excited that we can now deliver the best football action in the world to our Compact subscribers while ensuring that this development doesn’t negatively impact them financially,”
“Instead of going to the viewing centre to watch these matches, you can now do so in the comfort of your house at no extra cost. This is to show that our customers are at the heart of our business.”
“We wish to assure subscribers of our commitment to continue to cooperate fully with the CPC on the order of council.
“We will endeavour by all means to meet the order and deadlines where possible.”
“If we lose subscribers, it will negatively impact on our revenue and ultimately the sustainability of our business.
“It is therefore in our best interest to ensure that customer complaints are attended to and all efforts made to resolve queries in the interests of the subscriber,”


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