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* Who Is Medusa?
Medusa was an immortal ugly creature. She was one of the three sisters known as Gorgons. Formally, she was a beautiful haired and very beautiful maiden, who, as a priestess of Athena. She sinned against her mistress and she was caused and she became a very horrible creature.

Her hair changed into venomous snakes and her charming looking eyes transformed into repulsive object, but she was later killed by Persus.

In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster (Demon re-encarnate), a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair.

Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. Most sources describe her as the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, though the author Hyginus interposes a generation and gives Medusa another chthonic pair as parents.

Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who there after used her head as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield.

Revelation 2:24 ” But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden”

You do not know the deep secret of Satan. Satan has done a very great work in the life of (so many called) children of God, he has no time to play with any human, but we human are the one playing with Satan.

* Medusa Is Dead
Genesis 6:4 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the son of God came in unto the daughter of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown”

After the flood, these horrible creatures were wipe away, but yet, their spirit still exist for they roam about, though, you may not see them with your naked eyes, but if the Lord will open your eyes for just a second, I wish it should be in a market place where you will see horrible creatures you never imagine they exist, part of them still have sexual intercourse with people in dreams.

Before Attachment was invented, there was a word covenant with Medusa, that whosoever uses attachments,her appearance will look like that of Medusa.
-By Evang Fumilayo;

In the physical realm, you are only putting on wools, but in the spirit realm, she will be putting on a snake.’

My brethren, please be wise, the wool you’re attaching to your hair is not artificial, if you can’t see it physically I believes you can see it spiritually or when you die it will be review to you.

The attachment is not a wool but each of them are snakes, you are inviting the demonic spirit to take over your body and indirectly, you are asking God to depart away from you.

* Danger In Disobeying The Voice Of God.
Jesus said to me, do you know you are leading many to hell? I asked him how, and he said whenever people asking you about how they should keep their hair, you keep telling them not to use wool or attachment, but they can make use of plastic thread.

Don’t you know that rubber thread is also an attachment?

Then he ask me to follow him to hell that he want to show me something, on getting there, he brought out a woman out of the pit of fire,

And he Said to me son look at this woman, She heard that it is a sin for a woman to plait her hair with any thread, but she didn’t believe it.

When she died, she was found guilty of using thread to plait, and as a result of that she went to hell.

When I look at this woman, she plaited her hair with plastic thread. The woman was pleading for forgiveness but it was no granted to her, but was sent back to hell.

However I asked Jesus why he didn’t forgive the woman, he said to me, the woman was given several warning, through revelation, people but she refused instead she took herself to be perfect in all her deed.

Assuming she has taken correction, she would have saved many, because she was a model to many, but she has led many to hell, so she must go back to hell
Jesus said to me, no woman should plait their head with any type of thread.

No woman should add anything whatsoever to her hair. I never asked them to use those things, human being did.

Tell women to keep their head NATURAL. Romans 1:26.

They must not apply any die, relaxer to it and must not be weave. They should comb it alone. Tell them to remove their wedding ring because it’s not I who ask them to use it but human did. I hate both wedding ring and other ring.

Women should not wear brassiere that will make the Tip of bosom to be noticed, becos if they do and man became seduced by it, the person has committed sin without knowing it, The judgment of God is very strict.
-By Kingsley Ubani.

Heavenlyrace is personal and i can’t plead with you to believe any of this facts. But you did rather strive to escape the CRY OF THE DAMNED in Hell, and i hope you didn’t want to be like them, if not, then REPENT NOW.

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