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How To Convert Your Petrol Generator To Gas & Enjoy Uninterrupted Electricity All day

13151575_10209481483501858_8954165449564682403_n This technology is real and will simply convert your existing petrol generator to be using Gas too, and it’s more cheaper to run and last longer.

Your 12.5kg gas will take you up to 150hrs – that’s about a week, if you decide to run without stopping!!!

It’s easy to install and you can do it yourself> Just unmount your carburetor, mount the device and you are good to go. You can always remove the device and remount your carburetor, should you run out of gas and need to return back to fuel.

It’s also eco-friendly, as it produces no smokes!

Sounds great, right? By the time you compare the time ratio between fuel and gas, you’ll realise you’re saving more by using gas!

The device (converter) ; same electric output, little or no smoke, and less noise. I think this is truly innovative and worth investing on.

I have over 24 orders already. WIll have to supply on 1st come, 1st serve basis. The device costs N40,000 only for 2 – 4KVA gen size or N50,000 for 5-10KVA type, and anyone can loosen a bolt or start a generator can install it. it’s that simple.

You only need to buy a gas cylinder and host (if you don’t have one already).


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