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Comedian Ali Baba Shares His Ordeal With Driver On 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos

ali Comedian Ali Baba Shares His Ordeal With Driver On 3rd Mainland Bridge, He Says: So, that was how I was driving down 3rd Mainland Yesterday & I ran into some slow moving traffic. A couple of vehicles were park on the apron of the bridge.

I noticed that there were 2 buses also going at slow speed I am sure of nothing more than 40km, in the 2 middle lanes. So I pulled up by this Toyota that was doing about the same speed & told the guy, “Oga if you are going slow like this, why not drive on the slow lane”… It was as if he had been waiting to explode… He erupted into several F words and went into a rage! He topped it with 10 fingers Waka for full effect.

I slowed down, put my double pointers on, took the pictures and drove off. You see, besides being a Road Marshall, I have had cause to teach many people teaching people how to drive that the fast lane is not for slow car. Still the same yesterday, on the Dolphin Estate stretch of the highway, I slowed down again to tell an AA driving school teacher that he can not be teaching someone how to drive on the fast lane. So tell me, if the people teaching others how to drive don’t know that it’s wrong, how will the learner learn that it is wrong?!!! But as usual, we have become a society that get angry when faults are pointed out. We get angry that anyone is trying to correct us or make us do the right thing. Yet that same person will be well behaved when they are overseas. Nigeria is where the laws can be broken and nothing will happen.

Go and use the Mace in the legislative chambers and hit someone’s head in America and see if it will be treated as a family affair. Or let your security details or naval ratings pounce on an unarmed girl who is driving jejely on the road and beat her mercilessly & still walk around free. We are not ignorant of the law, we just choose to ignore it. And we have lawyers to perpetuate the wrongs.

That’s why they are in business. To call blue black & make us see what is wrong in a different light. Because, I don’t get it, a full grown man is caught molesting a 6 year old and we are saying let the court decide. And a lawyer will boldly defend the man. I pray it happens to that lawyer’s 6yr old child after he wins the case. What is not good is very very bad



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