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Have you ever made coconut oil from scratch? Here Are Photo Illustrations Showing How To Make Fresh Coconut Oil at Home:

coconut oil 1

Someone Wrote: On a recent family retreat, one of my Great Aunts traveled with her personal stash of homemade coconut oil, which she made just before leaving Tortola (the island where I’m from). Her chocolate skin glistening and smelling so tropical!  Then I remembered SageRoots’ coconut oil tutorial and said “hey, why not!”

Here’s what went down in my kitchen:

coconut oil 2

1. I cracked 2 small coconuts (outside on concrete) and grated the meat using a spoon and a knife. I’m sure there is a easier method to gather the meat, but after two episodes of Moesha while doing this, my hands were out of commission for the rest of the night.

coconut oil 3

2. I blended the coconut meat and COLD water until the coconut pieces were fine.

coconut oil 4

3. I improvised and strained using this gadget. A cheese cloth is preferable.

coconut oil 5

4. In attempts to get as much milk as possible, I followed up by squeezing the coconut meat with my hands.

coconut oil 6

5. What’s left is coconut milk. After a few hours of sitting on the counter, the cream rose to the top. I placed the covered pot in the refrigerator overnight. This allowed the cream to slightly solidify.

coconut oil 7

6. Twenty-Four hours later I slice the cream to make the scooping and transferring the cream to another pot easier.

coconut oil 8

7. I simmered the cream for approximately 30 minutes on low, stirring often.

coconut oil 98. After a while, it looked like this. Once the remnants turned brown I turned off the stove and scooped the oil into a jar.

Yes! It was a heap of work, but I’m curious to see how this oil performs as compared to store-bought. When I consider the inexpensive price of some coconut oils that I’ve purchased and this this tedious process, I’m expecting this homemade joint to moisturize like not other since I know water-milled coconut oil costs a grip! But if you’d prefer to forego all of this work, Tropical Traditions uses the same process and you can buy their Gold Label Virgin Oil !

Credit: Confession

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