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Former Chinese military leader Guo Boxiong gets life sentence for Collecting bribes


Guo Boxiong was deprived of his political rights for life and stripped of his rank of general. His personal assets were seized, and all his illicit gains were confiscated and turned over to the state treasury.

Guo pled guilty and decided not to appeal, according to a statement issued by the military court after the trial.

The military court ruled that Guo had taken advantage of his position to assist the promotion and reassignment of others, and he had accepted huge amounts in bribes both personally and in collusion with others.

Guo’s bribes were “extremely huge” and his crimes were “extremely serious,” however, he confessed, owned up to his misdeeds, repented in good faith, and all the proceeds of his crimes have been recovered, the statement read.

The court carried out a closed trial as military secrets were involved. The trial has been conducted in a fair and independent manner, and its verdict could be tested by the law and time, said the statement.

After accepting the case, the military court formed a collegial panel for the trial, sent a copy of the indictment to Guo and informed him of his rights and obligations in litigation.

The defence counsel met with Guo and reviewed all the case files.

Before the trial, the court convened a meeting with the prosecutors, defendant and defencecounsel to hear opinions and review evidence.

During the trial, the court conducted investigation on the alleged facts, and theprosecution and defence adduced and cross-examined the evidence.

“Guo confessed to taking bribes and expressed penitence,” the statement said.

The military court has fully safeguarded various litigation rights of Guo and his defencecounsel in accordance with law, it added.

As for others implicated in Guo’s case, the military court will deal with them in accordancewith the law and mete out verdicts justly, according to the statement.

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