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Celebrity photographer, Paul Ukonu, shares adorable photo with his son, Ethan  

Paul Ukonu shared the photo on his Instagram page to celebrate his son who turned one month old yesterday April 19th. He wrote

“So ma boy Ethan is one (1) month old today Ethan, b4 you were born I was scared to death, I was wondering how I’ll take care of you. You can’t blame me, you are my 1st. Lol…Little did I know that every child comes to this world with his/her own destiny.
God already figured it out Anyways, I guess I have also figured out how to handle the FATHER thing to an extent with the help of God This is my promise to you Ethan, your daddy will work hard and work smart…. I will teach you that not all that glitters are gold…. I also would make you understand that a patient dog still eats the fattest bone. Lol. Ignore that…. I will teach you to understand that God has no alternative. I’ll also teach you abit about women as you grow… That one I won’t say it here. Your Mom is on Instagram. I will teach you to learn to love yourself #MajorKey Happy 1 Month Old my boy. We will turnup on June 19th (child dedication)..


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