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image I was born in London on April 27, 1990. I was in Corona Primary School, Victoria Island, Atlantic Hall Secondary School and then, the University of Lagos, where I studied Economics. I’m the fifth in a family of six— four girls and two boys. As a child, I was loved and pampered. My father taught us the value of service. I worked as my father’s personal assistant and receptionist instead of being a director! I learnt from that and I’m glad he made me go through all that. Now, I enjoy the privileges of being a responsible young adult.maxresdefault

Journey into Nollywood

It has always been my dream to act. Growing up, I wanted to be an actor but my parents were worried and disagreed with me on that. I was called the ‘drama queen’ right from primary school. I had an internship with Chico Ejiro and was behind the scenes but I felt incomplete and I realised I belonged in front of the camera.

When the time was right, with the help of my sisters, I was able to convince them. Right now, I have my family’s support and I am debuting with my own film.

Relationship with other acts

I don’t get intimidated by any big names in the industry, rather I admire them. When I know I’m working with a well-known actor in a movie, it motivates me to be the best I can be on set. This means I will live and breathe that script.MONA-LISA-OMORODIUM0

Life of an actress

It is like gambling. Not too rewarding. It is meant to be a lonely life but thank God, I have the most amazing family. As an actress, your every move is scrutinised and you are made to feel that you are constantly in a competition not only with others but also with yourself! You will be judged and misunderstood. You have to understand that not everyone likes you and you have to develop a thick skin. Life is bitter-sweet but you still sail through. No regrets anyway.


I am not married. I am single and I want to focus on building my career now.


My fan base consists of those who knew me while I was in university. Then, I received awards. I was the most glamorous. There is a way I handle my fans especially the men. 36NG_Monalisa_Omorodion_000_Exclusive


I’m not too keen on popular trends. I’m more interested about what looks good on me. How I look in an outfit is very important to me. In one word, I am fashionable and sophisticated. My beauty routine is relaxing at the spa.


I want to be known worldwide. It has always been my dream to make a difference and I wish to get there by being good and honest. I don’t plan to dominate the movie industry because there were others before me. I am very eager to make an impact in the industry the best way I can by being the best I can be. I want to be an inspiration to younger people who look up to me.


I’m very excited. I am currently working on my first project entitled, ‘First Cut.’ The movie is starring three top Nigerian/ Ghanaian actors. The movie was suggested by my family members who are my benefactors. They advised that since I insisted on acting, I make my own film. It was a brilliant idea. Now, I know I can make a difference with it


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