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Biography/Profile/Interview Of Ghallywood Actress Martha Ankomah

Martha-Ankomah3 Martha Ankomah has become the new hot thing in the Ghanaian movie industry. Her fan base has also expanded into Nollywood.

She spoke with, Paschal Oge Chikero at the premiere of the movie Staying Safe, produced by a top Nigerian Producer Elvis Chucks . In this interview, she opens up on her life as an actress, why she is often mistaken for a daring lady and she also revealed her kind of man.

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You seem to be doing a lot of work with Elvis Chucks, is there anything between the two of you?
No. There is nothing special about him. The truth is that Elvis is a good director.
Is there any major difference in the way Elvis direct his movies that has drawn you to him?
Not necessarily because both the Nigerian and Ghanaian producers have a message to pass in form of a script that is interpreted by characters in form of a movie. So, basically it is same of the same.
What was it like working with him on the set of Staying Safe?
It wasn’t challenging because before I do anything I make sure I know what I am doing and besides I have a good director in Elvis. He knows how to bring out the best in you.
It is common in Nigeria to hear people speculate that Producers manipulate actresses before giving them roles, is it the same in Ghana?
It is the same every where even in the banking industry. So, it is not a big deal.
If it does exist, how have you been able to handle it as a young actress?
I am a good Christian and you just have to believe in yourself and know that with God all things are possible. If something is yours God will always bring it to you and it will be in your favour.
How challenging was working with some of Nigeria’s finest actresses like?
It was wonderful. I recently telling a friend that working with Nigerian actors and actresses is a wonderful thing. Working with Elvis Chucks in particular has been a beautiful experience and I hope to see more of

Did you feel intimidated on the set?
Honestly speaking, I did not work on the same set with Tonto Dikeh and Ini Edo. They were not on the same set with me, I am sure they shot their part of the movie separately. However, I did shoot with Ike, a young Nigerian actor and he was fantastic interpreting his role.
People now say you are the next best thing to come out of your movie industry in recent times, is this true?
I am a good Christian and in life I believe when you say positive things to yourself it will always come to pass. So, even if I am not I will say I am because I know with God’s grace everything is possible. With time, I am going to be very big in the industry.
Do you see yourself as a threat to the big actresses in your country?
I don’t see myself as a threat to anybody in the sense that everybody has his own star. You might shine in the morning while shine in the afternoon. There would be things that you would be able to do as an actress and someone else won’t be able to do. So, I don’t see myself as a threat to anybody.
You are no doubt a sexy lady, are you exploiting this advantage in your movies?
I would first take that as a compliment then tell you it is the handiwork of God. You are simply admiring God’s creation.
They say if you got it, you flaunt it, what part of your body do you show off the most?
My face and it is because it is what people see first when I step into any place.
Do you agree that you are often daring in your movies?
I think every woman should be daring. Unfortunately, most people confuse being confident with daring. In Africa, when you are confident they say you are daring.
Why are you always provocative in interpreting your roles?
I don’t agree that I am provocative, but you have to understand that I am just an actress and I have to play my role. If you watch Angelina Jolie in any Hollywood movies you will be impressed with the way she interprets sexy roles. Well, I am a Ghanaian actress and I love my work and I love to interpret my roles perfectly.martha ankoma1
Are you comparing yourself to Angelina Jolie?
I see myself as being more than that. I see myself as Martha.
You exude a lot of sexuality and confidence; is this because you are used to men?
I have always being like that. I won’t change. I have always been myself.
Does being sexy open doors for you?
I always say God knows why he created some people in certain ways. Maybe my body calls for all that, but I just can’t blame myself, but I have to give glory to God for giving me this body.
Are you aware of any bad blood between Ghanaian actresses Nadia Buhari and Jackie Appiah?
I am not aware and I would say it is a lie. A Ghanaian actress would never take a role if she knows it is for another person. They investigate their contracts before taking them, but if you ask me I think it is all about media frenzy. They are all on good talking terms.
Are you sure of this?
Yes, we were still together on a set in Ghana some weeks ago. So, they are both good friends.
Before you became an actress what were you doing?
I was a student. I read Business Administration.tumblr_mpql6pUtda1svc3c5o1_500

If not acting what would you have been into?
I would probably have being the Public Relations Officer of a company because that is what I read in school.
Now that you are a celebrity what will happen to that certificate?
It is going to work for me in future. It is actually working for me presently because I read Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising and my course of study comes to play in the way I talk and relate with Producers and Directors.
What has fame taken away from you?
Fame sometime takes my privacy away from me. Often times, people see you on the street and just talk to you anyhow. You can’t do anything without someone taking a second look at you. Fame has taken that from me.
How sociable are you?
I am sociable.
What kind of music do you listen to?
I love Gospel Jazz and Rhythm and Blues. These days I am beginning to love Flavour’s Adama. I listen to it when I am in Nigeria.
Don’t you enjoy Ghanaian music?
I listen to Sakordie, he is really good.

What is your taste of fashion like?
I love to look good. If I look good I feel good.
Are crazy about how you scent?
Yes, I love perfumes like Bvgari, Jenifer Lopez and several others.
What won’t you be caught doing?
I am a very careful person, but I am human so you just can’t tell.
Are you in a relationship presently?
Are you searching?
Why not if the guy is right
What would you ideal man be like?
He has to be God fearing, good looking and he must be a hard working man. Most of all however he must be God fearing.
So money is not a major factor for you when choosing a husband?
No. he doesn’t have to be rich, but as long as he is working and I am working then we can work something out together. I don’t believe in money, I just want to know the person is hard working and he has a future.
What was growing up like?
I had a Christian background.
You seem to have a lot of scripts lined up for you, how soon will you be returning to the next location?
I just finished shooting a movie owned by Phil Collins a week ago. It was a very big movie. I also have another movie which Elvis is shooting and we will be using locations in Dubai and other places. It is a big project too.
As a lady you would have had to say some harsh words to fans that are pestering, how do you handle them?
As a celebrity you don’t have a choice but to be good to your fans always. Some people will see you and because they are not sure you are the one they just approach you rudely. But as a star you just can’t help it because you need to know that some people are literate while others are illiterate and no matter how your fans behave you have to just smile to them even if it is not for real. You just give out a fake smile and move on.
How did acting start for you?
I actually started acting from playing roles in Fun World; it is a children programme in my country. We also call it Kids Affair. I have done movie series and now I am doing movies. I see myself as one of the greatest actresses in the world, someone who would win Oscars, Golden Globe Award and Grammy. In the next five years, I want to own my own production network. I will probably name it Martha Production Company or something close to that. I want to help a lot of up and coming actresses and actors who find it hard to get to this level of success so that they can someday say if it wasn’t for Martha I wouldn’t have achieved this. I want to that legacy.


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