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Who Is Osayuwamen Peace Saleh? | Biography/Profile/History Of TVC “Your View” Presenter “Osayuwamen Peace Saleh” AKA “Uwa”

uwa Osa as she is fondly called, studied physics at Delta State University, Abraka, Delta state. Before joining the teem on “Your View’, Osa who has a certificate in aesthetics and make up, owns a one stop cosmetic store that caters for the beauty needs of beauty conscious individuals.

The married mother of two boys, and native of Edo State also volunteers at an NGO where young girls are educated on sexuality.

Read Excerpt From The Interview She Conducted Sometimes Below:

What influenced your choice of career?

I have always had a flare for beauty and I always admired people with radiant looking skin.

How did you get involved in the TVC talk show, “Your View”?

My friend, Tope Mark-Odigie told me about the show and I jokingly told her that if there was an opportunity for an extra lady, I was interested and as God would have it, some things needed to be changed and I was called for a live audition after which picked to be part of the crew.

What is your relationship with the other presenters like?

We are all sisters with Aunt Yeni as our big Aunt, Morayo big Sister, Sanzye Baby Sister. I see us as one big family, we have learned to love and accommodate our differences.

Osayuwamen Peace Saleh What fascinates you about the job?

It is nice to know that I can always challenge things that are not right in our country and know that the people that need to hear are actually watching.

How would you describe your first time with the camera?

I was very nervous and shaky. I actually saw my hands and legs shaking but God gave me things to say.

There are usually conflicting views on the set, even from callers during the show. How has that affected your relationship with viewers outside the studio?

If you mean what I think, then yes, I have had people practically stop me on the way just to tell me they do not agree with some of my comments, but it is part of the fun of the show.

Who is your role model in the broadcasting world?

I really do not have one.

After ‘Your View’ what is next for you?

Your View is not my main job I have my Cosmetic business and the NGO where I volunteer If there is anything you would change about you, what would it be?

Nothing. God made me perfect What is the best part of being on the talk show? How would you say it has impacted your life?

The best part is awareness. I am more aware of things happening in my country and around me.

I read more now and engage in meaningful conversations.

What informs your dress sense and make up for the set daily?

I love to look modest, elegant and simple.

What is the best lesson you have learnt in life?

Never underestimate the power of information, right information truly brings transformation.


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