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Who Is Olajumoke Olubunmi Alawode-James? | Biography/Profile/History Of TVC “Your View” Presenter Olajumoke Olubunmi Alawode-James

jumoke Poet, events planner and TV show co host on “Your View” Olajumoke Olubunmi Alawode James is among many artistically blessed people. The co host of “Your View” is an events planner by day and poet by night according to her. With Masters degrees in both Mass Communications and International Law, this young woman is one to look up to.

Read Excerpt From The Interview She Conducted Sometimes Below:

Tell us about yourself?

Professionally,I have anchored shows such as Miss tourism and also I worked on the Big Brother Nigeria project and Pilot shoot of “Moments with Mo” as well as various other high profile projects. I have a passion for entertainment and this has been my drive.

How did you become a co-host on “Your View”?

I was part of the initial auditions at the on-set of the show in 2012. Some of the ladies were picked and the show started in May 2013. Morayo kept in touch and said we needed ladies per quarter. At the end of the first quarter, 2 of the ladies did not renew their contracts and Morayo gave me a call to ask if I was still available for the show. My first appearance was on August 1st, 2013 as a guest co-host and my contract started September 1st, 2013.

How long have you been presenting?

I have been presenting for 18 years on and off in between my education since January 1997 on NTA 2 Channel 5.

How long have you been co-hosting “Your View”? It will be 2 years on August 1st, 2015.

What did you study?

I Studied Mass Communication. B.Sc and M.Sc from University of Lagos. In between I did Masters in International Law and Diplomacy from the same institution.

You also have a Master degree in International Law, why did you choose to study Law after your studying in Mass Communication?

I always had an interest for Law. I hate injustice. If it wasn’t Mass Communication it would have been Law. So I decided to widen my horizon when I wanted to do my Masters. It was an eye opening experience. I loved it.

Do you plan on practicing law and do you practice it now?

I do not practice, I am not a lawyer. My degree in Law is all bark and no bite. International Law and Diplomacy is an inter-disciplinary course most useful for diplomats. It’s mostly for the knowledge of law not for practice.

Everyone on the show has a subject that appeals to them at some point in time, which subject most, appealed to you on the program?

Good governance, justice and relationships.

What pre show ritual do you perform?

Costume, make-up, hair, then we read newspapers. A day before, we would have read up on the topic of the day so we have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

How has your experience been since you joined the team of “Your View”?

I have improved a lot professional. Study of Mass Communication is a little different from practice. You can know all the theories but facing a camera every day is a different matter. I’m very outspoken. I had to learn to tone down my voice and be more intentional with my choice of words. I’ve always had people recognize me in public, but now its more intent. I love having the opportunity to speak for the woman on the streets. And the encouragement has been massive.
Where do you see “Your view” in the nearest future?

“Your View” will eventually be the voice of the Nigerian woman in the world. The go-to programme to hear the opinion of Nigerian women. We are also planning a lot of community participation activities, so we can influence the society not just with our voices but by practicing what we preach and leading by example.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

To the glory of God, I see myself as a special consultant on justice and women matters; A top event consultant and a happy wife and mother.



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