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Biography/Profile/History Of Patrick Uchenna Attah popularly known as Pat Attah

Pat Attah biography

Pat Attah was a very famous Nollywood actor in the 90s. Before he relocated to Germany many years ago. Pat Attah is thought to be one of the pioneers of Nigerian movie industry. He was born in Anambra State. His full name is Patrick Uchenna Attah. He is not only a prominent actor, but the one, who is also interested in music.

pat attah biography

His career started in 1990s. In fact, he wanted to deal with music during that time. Acting was not in his mind. However, a bit later, it has become a kind of alternative for him. In 1994, there was his debut, in Glamour Girls by Nek Videos. He used to perform on TV as well. There he got a necessary push. His first and major job was on NTA Network.

Where is Pat Attah from?

where is pat attah from

As he says, he was brought up in the family of six people and he was the youngest one. His father was a civil servant, so they moved from one state to the other. Such kind of travelling was quite good experience for Attah. This was also the reason why he obtained his education in various places. There were some circumstances, which have made him to live the University in Port Harcourt. Later, he graduated from Nigerian Institute of Sport completing the course in Sport Management.

Here Are Some Of  Pat Attah movies

pat attah movies

He has been in the industry for about twenty years. He considers all his roles very challenging and exciting. Among the most outstanding works, we can enumerate Extreme Measure (2006), Extreme Measure 2 (2006) and Jealous Lovers 2 (2003).

Pat really enjoys his job. He says there is nothing he wants to do but acting.

Is Pat Attah married?

pat attah facts

This handsome guy is adored by women all over Nigeria. It is a great secret, who his girlfriend is actually. But he thinks that marriage is a serious step. He will get married, but not right now.

Attah claims he is not a playboy as many people think. He is a monogamous kind of person. So, probably his videos make fans think about his affairs in other way.




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