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Biography/Profile/History Of Nollywood Actor Padita Agu

photo Background

I am an actress and I was born into a family of seven-my parents and five siblings. I studied Creative Arts briefly at the University of Lagos and later, I moved to the University of Abuja where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. Afterwards,   I studied Acting for Film and Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, Hollywood branch.padita-agu-instagram


As a five-year-old, I discovered I could draw, sculpt, dance and sing. I was able to mimic people and since then, my life has revolved around one art/drama event or the other. My first movie role was in Teco Benson’sFormidable Force. I played a nurse and it was a waka pass role . It was my first audition in Lagos. I was so jittery and you could see the script shaking in my arms. After reading, I was sure I would not get a role in that movie.ZUUN 70


Acting has been and is still an inborn passion. I joined drama clubs at every level while I was growing up. I am my own number one critic. However, I do admire a lot of my senior colleagues.Padita-Agu


I took a break from acting at some point to enable me complete and further my education. Everyone sets his/her targets according to their priorities at different times. Time dedicated to studying or family is as important as time spent working on the set of a movie.

Movie production

I produced and starred in The Last 3 Digits which was released late 2015.


When you do what you love, you would not encounter challenges. This is not because there aren’t challenges, but because every experience is fun.IMG_7946-600x959


I am not bothered about competition. There are too many productions going on in Nollywood, so any decently talented actor will find openings quite easily.


I get reminded every now and then that I am famous. The truth is that I don’t feel so. When people, especially members of the opposite sex, stare at me, I always feel they’re admiring me because they like my dress or my hairstyle  or maybe, I’m wearing something wrong. I never think they are looking at me because I am an actor.When they compliment me, I just smile and return the compliment.


I prefer not to discuss my former marriage. However, I hope to remarry. You never know what the future holds. The kind of man that appeals to me is the male version of me.


There is freedom of admiration and expression. They’re free to express themselves as long as they view me and find the opportunity to. I also maintain the freedom to respond or withhold my expressions. But time always takes care of everything.


I am totally clueless about beauty secrets. I just like to be me.


I watch talk shows.


Being an actress is financially rewarding. It puts food on my table and does a lot of extras though the Oliver Twist in me kicks in sometimes. My job is the kind that what I earn in a week is what a top civil servant earns in months


I like to look good .My style is all about being comfortable and I like to be sophisticated.


Padita Agu, Ruth Kadiri & Bassey Odungide



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