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Biography/Profile/History Of Nigerian songstress and performer “Fragrance Tsema Kayoh”

fragrance_album_cover Fragrance Tsema Kayoh is a skilled Nigerian songstress and performer, Fragrance hit the Nigerian music scene five years ago with the release of her debut album “So Lovely” an album packed full of vibrant, groovy tracks which nabbed her two nominations for Best New Artiste (Female) and Best Vocalist RnB in the Award for Musical Excellence in Nigeria (AMEN).

The Delta State-born bundle of talent, Delectable ”Fragrance Tsema Kayoh” is an artist, model and actress who hit the music scene with her unique, mellow sultry voice.
She started out in the church choir as a lead vocalist in the adult choir when she was 10, her first album got her several nominations including Nigerian Music Awards for Best New Female AMEN AWARDS for Best Female vocalist and also Best New Artiste Female. Not one to rest on her laurels, Fragrance went on to develop her portfolio and continues to give several live performances all jam packed full of her contagious enthusiastic vibrancy and full of engaging moves, vocals and dance steps. FRAGRANCE-TSEMA-KAYOH-3
Fragrance has bridged the gap between various artistes and recorded a vast array of mixed tunes collaborating with TuFace, Bracket, and stand her well known names in the Nigerian Music Industry, she went on to release a new album “Now and Forever” this March 2011 jam packed with a variety of songs geared to give fans the very best of her exceptional skill. All of the tracks on this album give credence and validation to Fragrance’s abilities and skill as a songstress and leave listeners wanting more.4365103eb36c44dc46e056d9d81ba6f3

The album, which features 2Face, Rymzo, Adol, LKT, Brace, Long johns includes hot tracks ;‘Yahweh’ (Don’t Leave Me), ‘Boyfriend,’ ‘To Ba Fe Jo,’ ‘Now And Forever,’ ‘I Know,’ ‘Raindrops,’ ‘So In Love,’ ‘We Be One,’ ‘Deeper,’ ‘Club Tonight,’ ‘Treasure,’ and ‘Song To Oritse Mi’ With new and exciting plans to host a regular spot in Lagos or Abuja due soon, fans should expect more and more public appearances, continued delivery of tunes that rock the house and much more.

Watch this space as Fragrance prepares for a night out in Lagos, rocking town with an exclusive listening party. In the meantime, if you are in Nigeria, buy Ready and Boyfriend Feat 2Face Idibia ringtones from all major mobile network providers for as little as N50.


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