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Biography/profile/History Of Nigerian Singer Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo AKA KCEE

Height: 5 feet 9inches

In a relationship with: Ebube Nwagbo

Hometown: Ihiala, Anambra state

Fun fact: Limpopo means let’s have fun. There is a river in South Africa and a street in Abuja named Limpopo.wpid-kcee-–-fine-face.jpg

Best quote of Kcee

I had always known I will hit it big someday .I already had that determination since I started singing, but honestly speaking Limpopo was a divine song from God

Fashion is in my blood. Sometimes, I don’t waste time standing in front of the mirror. If I open my wardrobe, I know what to put on

One thing I don’t joke with is my stud earring, I don’t have any particular reason but I can’t be caught dead without my studskcee-700x1054

Popular songs of Kcee

  • Limpopo
  • Emmah
  • Give it to me
  • Pullover
  • Okoso
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Okpekete
  • Tori Torikcee-normal

Biography of Kcee

Born Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo is a Nigerian artist. He was born in Ajegunle, Lagos to a father who is a DJ.Kcee attended Central High school, Isolo; and went on to University Of Nsukka where he graduated with a degree inTheatreArts.

Growing up, Kcee did not plan to become a musician but to become a professional footballer as he played for Julius Berger and Puma football clubs locally.Kcee’s rise to fame was when he won the Star Quest talent show in 2002, which he won alongside Precious John, the duo used to be a group called KC Presh until they split after 12years together.

Best known for: His club banger ‘Limpopo’ got him back on his feet after splitting from Precious.Kcee is currently under Star music and it’s owned by E-money(EmekaOkonkwo; his brother) who is the president and him the vice president.Kcee who released another album called ‘Take over’ in 2013 has won several awards like KORA awards, Channel O awards and Hip-hop world awards. Kcee who is a brand ambassador for MTN recently got branded as a peace ambassador for African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM) by Patience Jonathan.kcee1

Kcee’s Personal life

Kcee was once married to Ijeoma Okonkwo, however the pair split and is now dating Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo.



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